Gadgetscenery emerged in 2017 to develop specialized IT solutions in the Portuguese and Brazilian market, during the pandemic some opportunities arose with the creation of Let's Mídia to work with Influencer representation around the world, together with Microweb IT in partnership with Cloudfence a of the most important companies in the Cybersecurity market in Brazil that are coming to Europe. Among the opportunities was the solution to support small and medium-sized companies with a focus on Microsoft 365, which offers complete email, Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Azure and much more solutions for the Business market.


Investment in successful ventures, digital media, influencers, brands, the market and much more.

Gadget Scenery went through many updates during a global pandemic where we seek to adapt to the market, economy and services. Always focusing on maintaining growth even in times of economic turmoil, we are a company that is not limited to the current moment, but rather to project the future with awareness and perseverance.


We help brands and influencers

With Let's Mídia we bring together the best of brands and influencers to promote products and services in the world market!

projetos 2022/2023

Let's Mídia was born with the desire to promote brands and influencers in the world market, with quality products and services, which add to people's daily lives, with this focus and initiative we are constantly growing, bringing incredible products and services to the world market!

Let's Mídia started its project with the influencer Vanessa Mach who has been working with major global brands, where her work primarily develops brand awareness among her followers. Always focusing on services and products relevant to the daily life of your community, offering discount coupons. Brands have shown that the projects are positive for their customers and for the influencer's followers, with successive contract renewals and new projects.

We promote the success of brands and influencers at Let's Mídia!

Microsoft 365 and  Cybersecurite

With attention focused on CyberSecurity and Microsoft 365 solutions, Microweb comes to the market to promote security and good practices!


Cybersecurite and 
Microsoft 365

Microweb comes to promote solutions specialized in IT and Cloud Security in partnership with Cloudfence, where we offer complete and remote support with continuous monitoring. Also focused on Microsoft 365 solutions to make companies more competitive in the market, offering specialized, qualified and remote support for small and medium-sized companies in Brazil!

Upcoming Events

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